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Marjory x Ubble: a solution to help businesses simplify customer identity verification

Marjory announces a partnership with, a solution that enables businesses to truly fight fraud with online identity verification based on proprietary live streaming video and AI technologies. 

In recent years, platforms that bring buyers and sellers together, have become a major phenomenon in recent years, fuelling the growth of online commerce while also changing the way business-to-business commerce is conducted.

To create trust, a key element of their development, businesses must be able to verify the identity of their customers. This identity verification is also required by European regulations, which oblige businesses to verify the identity of its customers or to allow the payment service provider to verify the identity of its customers by collecting KYC data.

With the ambition to simplify the verification of their customers' identity, Marjory has entered into a partnership with The objective: to offer 

Marjory users an innovative solution to verify the identity of their customers through a live streaming video and AI technology. Adapted to B2C, this solution also works for B2B since, at the heart of KYC, there is the notion of beneficial owner (verifying the identity of a manager is at the top of the value pyramid in terms of verification because a KBIS can be that of an empty shell).

Within the framework of this partnership, makes its solution available to each of the marketplaces integrated in the Marjory environment. In concrete terms, the marketplaces can activate the solution in a few clicks at any time during the welcoming process of their sellers or their buyers.

"With, Marjory offers to marketplaces the possibility to activate in a few clicks an innovative identity verification service, at key stages of the customer onboarding process" explains Kamel Tansaout, founder and CEO of Marjory.

"With Marjory, opens the doors to the B2C and B2B marketplaces connected to the Marjory environment" explains Vivien Ruivaco, Head of Sales at

About Marjory:

Founded in 2018 by Kamel Tansaout (ex Mirakl, Actility), Christophe Spoerry and Frédéric Choudat (ex Docaposte, Actility), Marjory is a low-code solution for best-in-breed data integrations and workflow automation.

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ubble is an online identity verification service, which allows your users to verify their identity autonomously with a simple and fluid path but as reliable as face to face. Its video streaming technology - the only one available on the market - combined with algorithms and an expert team of fraud analysts allows to offer an extremely secure and compliant service. Already working with leading banking and temporary employment agencies as well as numerous start-ups and fintechs, ubble helps them address four key issues

Provide a smooth and pleasant user experience to maximize conversion

Detecting fraud to limit its cost

Comply with local regulations with our Compliance as a Service offering, equivalent to a substantial level of verification (eIDAS)

Free their internal teams from the burden of identity verification, with clear and reliable answers, and allow them to focus on their core business

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