Control all the data integration in your organization with the most versatile iPaaS

Have complete visibility of all the data flows of your company's different teams

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Budget-friendly data integration

Enjoy enterprise-grade features at an SMB price range

When the volume of your data flows starts to grow, you need to know that your costs aren't going to skyrocket. With Marjory, you keep costs under control while scaling your data integration
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Superior monitoring and alerting

Whenever an issue arises (as they inevitably do), have peace of mind knowing that with Marjory, there's no reason to panic. You'll become instantly aware of the incident and be able to precisely pinpoint its location.

Low code & No code

Be faster when building your data flows with our No Code Editor.

If you need precision and accuracy, our Low Code Editor features allow you to fine-tune the data flows to match specific requirements.

Our Low Code allows you to customize essentially every aspect of your data flow without breaking anything.

"Thanks to Marjory's low-code solution, we're able to autonomously deploy new technical processes. This reduced the time-to-market of our marketplace by 6 months. And with the native monitoring interface, we can easily manage data flows and identify issues.”
Antoine Malard, Product Owner

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