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Marjory is an iPaaS that enables you to integrate various applications, data sources, and services within your organization.

Marjory provides a centralized platform for designing, deploying, and managing integrations between different systems, both on-premises and in the cloud, whether through API, file, database or other means.

Our iPaaS tools offer data mapping, transformation and workflow orchestration.

Boost your company with automation on steroids.


With Marjory's ETL you benefit from a wide range of formats like CSV, XLS, and JSON, ensuring flexibility in ETL processes without format limitations.

You can use join, query, filter, map, and reduce data functions like in an SQL database.

Marjory simplifies ETL by supporting diverse data sources, enabling efficient integration, unifying data, and facilitating informed decision-making.


Draw and automate Business Processes.

Enjoy BPM's benefits without the hassle of having to abide by the standard notation.

Simply design your business processes in Marjory and execute them in a natural user interface.

There are no learning barriers, BPMN 4 requirements, syntax formalities, or special skills needed.

Anyone in your organization who knows the internal business processes can automate them. Protect the collective organizational knowledge.


ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) is a software architecture that facilitates communication and integration between different applications and systems within an enterprise.

Use Marjory as a middleware layer that allows applications to exchange data and messages using various communication protocols.

Marjory's ESB provides features such as message routing, transformation, and orchestration, enabling seamless integration and interoperability among disparate systems.

“Marjory allowed our IT team to gain in productivity. The KIABI marketplace was launched in record time while ensuring optimal quality of service thanks to Marjory.”
Romuald Ledoux, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Kiabi

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