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Costs, deadlines, quality: CIOs, finally meet your commitments and lower your TCO with Marjory

How Marjory can help CIO

Structurally considered a cost center by the finance department, the IT department is often asked to make an effort when the company needs to review its cost structure. Indeed, even though it is the IT department's responsibility to implement and maintain the tools that create value for the company, the other departments generally reap the profits generated by these tools. On the other hand, as soon as a new project starts, the IT department has to bear the largest share of the risk in terms of execution, cost, quality and respect for deadlines. For all these reasons, a position in the IT department is not the most comfortable!

Therefore, the IT department must gain the agility to meet deadlines better, gain control and competence for increased quality, and achieve efficiency to optimize costs. As an iPaaS solution designed to simplify complex projects, Marjory supports you in this challenge by accelerating the data integration process to launch your projects on time.

Cost control: gain agility and optimize licensing costs with Marjory

Managing several tools, maintaining server infrastructures, specific human skills to manage applications... Supporting a complex platform can quickly generate a high TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) because it is necessary to add up server, license, and human costs.

From then on, the challenge for the IT department is to reduce the TCO of maintaining projects and to ensure that the TCO is reasonable when creating a platform. In this respect, Marjory can be helpful in several ways.

First, Marjory is a SaaS solution: the entire server infrastructure management is outsourced. With a SaaS solution such as Marjory, you don't have to take into account in your budget everything related to server maintenance and the people who provide this maintenance, unlike with legacy or on-premise solutions. This way, you can optimize your licensing costs to get the best price for a given service.

In addition, Marjory offers greater agility to companies by reducing the technical effort required to set up interfaces with SaaS solutions, making it easier to replace one software package with another that offers the same service but at a better price. Using Marjory allows you to promote competition between the different solutions available on the market and contributes to better cost control in your supplier relationship.

Thus, in terms of costs, Marjory not only allows the IT department to free itself from the human cost related to server management but also to benefit from simpler management of license costs and to give power back to the IT purchasing department.

Time management: with Marjory, reduce your integration time considerably

Regardless of the transformation project carried out by the IT department, managing the customization or integration of third-party solutions is the most time-consuming part of the project. As you know, the more you have to develop internally to interface with a SaaS solution or develop custom solutions to meet specific needs, the longer the lead time will be.

To address this problem, Marjory offers a catalog of already available pre-integrated applications to optimize the integration time of these solutions. It is thus possible to go from a few weeks of integration to a few hours of integration.

Marjory’s Application Builder allows you to create interfaces quickly with less expertise. This toolbox was designed to accelerate projects, and the need for expertise it requires is indeed lower than if you had to resort to another orchestration technology. At a time when finding the right expertise takes time, an advantage such as this becomes invaluable!

On top of that, if you need to upgrade an existing solution that is no longer satisfactory, a low-code platform such as Marjory allows you to replace that solution with a simple drag-and-drop. Replacing one application with another doesn’t require additional coding.

CIO: project quality is not an option!

When a structure is unable to meet its deadlines and costs and after having reduced the project scope, all too often quality becomes the adjustment variable. The result is that the project is more or less on time and works in general terms, but at the expense of maintainability or test coverage. Additionally, being able to control costs and deadlines contributes to quality.

Marjory's quality benefit is de facto structural because it is a SaaS solution that offers a catalog of pre-built solutions for which the quality has already been met. You don't need to enter into a DIY process of redeveloping tools that are already available and of proven quality. As for custom integration, Marjory offers all the tools required to monitor the proper execution of flows and different levels of the environment to manage the different acceptance stages. These tools are particularly useful in an environment subject to demanding and complex approval contexts.

The lack of control always has a cost: either you have to compensate with delay, which necessarily has a price because it implies mobilizing more people, longer - or you will have a quality deficit, which means more staff to mobilize for debugging and testing and therefore again an increase in costs. It is time to end this vicious circle and gain agility!

Costs, deadlines and quality: with Marjory, you can finally meet your commitments and lower your TCO. Ready to gain productivity and accelerate your projects? Ask for a demo of our solution!W