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The main challenges in a successful integration

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. Marjory is an integration middleware platform designed to do that.

Integrating IT solutions: definition and helpful reminders

While the definition of integration is simple, the underlying mechanisms can be highly complex.

Integrating consists in

You have
, web services, asynchronous messages, to name a few.

are software modules that enable communication between different systems. An API is a set of rules, protocols, and definitions that allow applications to communicate with each other. APIs allow applications to share data or functionality with other applications without the developers needing to know in detail how the data or functionality is implemented.

are sent and received, based on a call made at a fixed time or on a scheduled event.

The challenges of integration

Of course, your set of applications must maintain efficiency. It must work seamlessly, ensure data security and privacy, ease of maintenance, and scalability.
an integration project.

1. Integration of heterogeneous solutions

One of the main challenges is integrating solutions from different editors with different functionalities. Companies must ensure that these solutions can
. To answer this question, APIs are the solution to perform these operations flexibly. This is why every new solution on the market adopts an exposable API strategy.

2. Data Management

The question of data is central.
. And it raises several questions, such as:

Be aware that transmitting data can lead to

Monitoring is a crucial function for smooth data management. It allows you to identify and repair problems, such as restarting an integration sequence.

3. Scalability

Companies must be able to add new solutions to their existing IT infrastructure as their needs change. At the same time, they need to

Your information system will keep all its scalability capacities if, each time a new component is added,

Ask yourself these questions:

- Technical: have your technologies changed?

- Business: have your processes evolved?

Based on this preliminary audit, you can freely add as many components to your information system as you need. You must also be able to remove them. All way

4. Maintenance and support

When multiple IT solutions are integrated with each other, it can be

You must first have competent human resources to maintain and support your entire IT infrastructure.

You can also set up
for better or worse.

5. Costs

Integrating IT solutions can result in
. You need to be aware of these costs and ensure that your IT infrastructure remains cost-effective.

Choosing an efficient integration solution with a resonant cost is central to your decision, especially if your purchasing strategy is primarily cost-driven.

Marjory middleware does more than just make your life easier

, not just SaaS applications. If you have developed a robust internal tool to manage your customers, or if you have an ERP that you are fully satisfied with, you can easily integrate it with the rest of your IT, thanks to Marjory.

The strength of a low code solution

Marjory middleware offers

A marketplace of off-the-shelf applications

The other great asset of Marjory is its application marketplace. You have several
. You can find tools as diverse as Asana, Trello, Google Office Suite, Stripe, Wordpress, Calendly, Datadog, Notion, Slack, Intercom...

You can then create
, combining these applications with each other or your own.

A high-performance monitoring solution

One of the most significant advantages of Marjory, beyond its ease of integration, is its platform monitoring feature. Centralizing all logs, Marjory’s monitoring system allows you to find, trace, and correct, if necessary, all data exchanges between your different applications.

Are you looking for a simple and efficient solution to successfully integrate all your software?